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Frontpage Tenants Update your information in MyHoas

Updating your information in MyHoas

You can check that your information is up to date and manage them when needed in MyHoas.

You can update:

  • Your contact information: address, phone number and e-mail
  • Your bank account information for deposit return: please add your bank account information well before your tenancy ends so we can return the deposit to the right account
  • Your personal information: name, social security number
  • Changes in study situation, e.g. changing schools
  • Add a child to your household

How to update your contact and bank account information:

Screenshot of the MyHoas front page. Red arrow pointing at the top right corner of the screen where the profile icon is.
You can view and update your contact and bank account information by clicking the profile icon in the top right corner of the page.
Screenshot of the menu that opens when you click the profile icon on the MyHoas front page. Zoomed to show only My information and Banking information sections.
From the opening menu you’ll find My information section where you can manage your contact information. Under the Banking information section you can update your bank account information.

How to update your personal information, study status or add a child to your household:

Screenshot of service requests section on the front page of MyHoas. Red arrow pointing upwards at the blue button in the middle of the service request section box. In blue button is text Add new service request.
Find service requests section from the front page and click Add new service request.

Notice that service requests open in a pop-up window! If the pop-up window doesn’t open the browser you are using might block them. Go to your browser settings and accept the pop-up windows.

Screenshot of the page with different forms. Red arrows pointing at the Study update, Report change in personal information and Report birth of a child forms.
Now you have view of all the forms. Choose and fill the form that is applicable to your situation.

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