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Services for Hoas tenant

We aim to provide our tenants the easiest and most comfortable student living. To achieve this goal, we have many services to make a student’s life easier. For example, free internet is available for everyone, and sauna and laundry are yours to book free of charge. For any housing related issues we have MyHoas, our tenants’ own online service.

Many Hoas properties have versatile spaces for our tenants to use. In laundry room you get to wash your clothes and to enjoy sauna you just need to reserve a time through our online booking system. Besides your apartment, you can store your belongings in the storage spaces, such as personal locker storages and outdoor equipment storage. If you have your own car, you can apply for your own parking space in most of our properties. The door-opening service will come to help you, if you accidently lock yourself out of your apartment.

Two desks in a room. Big window towards the street. Room is in a street level.
Common areas, Tuuliniitty 1
Pool table in the front of the picture. Behind that is a large couch. On the side wall is a glass wall through which the laundry rooms washing machines can be seen.
Lounging area for laundry washers, Tuuliniitty 1

On our properties we have versatile common areas for our tenants, such as gyms, shared kitchens, study spaces and roof terraces. Club rooms can be used for different parties and gatherings. Club room reservations are usually managed by the property’s own tenant committee. If you wish to reserve a club room for yourself, contact the tenant committee directly.

Wooden dining table and four chairs in a wide roof terrace. View is such that you can see far from here. Closer to the terrace, the neighbouring buildings' roofs are seen.
Roof terrace, Arielinkatu 2

You can find all the services available in your student house by logging into MyHoas and checking your property’s information.

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