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Storage spaces

In most of Hoas’ properties there are versatile storage spaces that the tenants can use to store their belongings.

Storage lockers

Storage lockers are small storage spaces that are usually located in the basement of the building. If your property has these storage lockers, you can use the storage locker with the same number as your apartment or use any available storage locker, depending on the instructions for your property.  See the list below to find information about all the properties where you can use the locker with your apartment number. In any other property, you can temporarily use any available storage locker.

Unfortunately, there may not be enough storage lockers for all the tenants to have lockers of their own. Please note that if all the lockers are occupied, we can not estimate when one will be free, and we do not empty them.

Buy your own lock to the locker if you plan to keep your belongings there. Remember to empty the storage locker and take the lock with you when you move out. If we must empty your locker after you move out, we will charge you for the cost of it.

Reorganization of the lockers

We have started a project of reorganizing the storage lockers. In the future, in all the properties tenants can use the storage locker with the same number as their apartment. When this reorganization is about to happen at your property, we will inform all the tenants.

The properties where tenants must use lockers matching their apartment number:

  • Akanapolku 2
  • Anna Sahlstenin katu 4
  • Helmikuja 6
  • Hietapellontie 11
  • Hopeatie 10
  • Iskospolku 2
  • Itämerenkatu 12
  • Kasperinkuja 13
  • Katajanokanranta 21
  • Kettutie 19
  • Kilpolantie 16
  • Kilonportti 1
  • Kimpitie 10
  • Kirjanpitäjänkuja 4
  • Kitarakuja 1
  • Kitarakuja 3
  • Kylävainionkuja 6
  • Kyyhkysmäki 2
  • Leppäsuonkatu 7
  • Linnoituksentie 10
  • Maakaari 1
  • Maakaari 6
  • Miestentie 2
  • Myllymatkantie 7
  • Paraistentie 19
  • Pasilanraitio 6
  • Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 29
  • Rantaharju 10
  • Retkeilijänkatu 11
  • Rälssintie 16
  • Santakuja 3
  • Selkämerenkatu 6
  • Serkustentie 1, Sisarustentie 2
  • Siamintie 3
  • Silmupolku 1
  • Tilanhoitajankaari 11
  • Timpurinkuja 1
  • Tukkitie 18
  • Tuuliniitty 1
  • Työpajankatu 4
  • Vierakuja 5
  • Viljo Sohkasen katu 3
  • Yläkiventie 9

Outdoor equipment storage

Outdoor equipment storages are good places to store for example your bike and other large items during winter. Please remember that all the tenants in your building have access to these equipment storages so remember to safely lock your bike even when you keep it indoors.

In some of the properties there are separate storage for baby strollers. Remember that for fire safety reasons you cannot store any items in the hallways or common areas of the building. Use these lockers, outdoor equipment, and stroller storage for your advantage for the items you don’t want to keep at your home all the time.


  • Keep the items in storage spaces intended for them. Storing your belongings in the common areas or hallways of the property is forbidden since they will cause a fire safety hazard.
  • Keeping motor vehicles in the basement or any other indoor space is forbidden.
  • Storing flammable liquids and gases in the common storage spaces is forbidden.

Removal of items

Any items blocking rescue routes or are otherwise kept in unauthorized locations will be removed. Similarly, we regularly go over and remove any unmarked or broken items, and anything that can be classified as junk, from the storage rooms.

Hoas or the maintenance company are not liable for any loss of property when it is caused by the tenant’s own negligence, like leaving items in unlocked storage spaces.

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