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Services for exchange students

In the furnished apartments, the rent includes:


Electricity is included in the rent in Hoas furnished exchange student apartments.


Water is included in the rent in Hoas furnished exchange student apartments.


Exchange student apartment are furnished. Check out the furniture list here.

Extensive maintenance services

Hoas exchange students enjoy more extensive maintenance services than rental recidents usually do.


As a Hoas tenant you get an internet connection as a free additional service. Hoasnet connection is free of charge for tenants and you only need to have your own ethernet network cable and, if you want a wifi, a router.

Home insurance

For exchange students, Hoas has an insurance that covers damages to the students property in case of theft, water damage or fire in the building. This insurance covers only damages that will be covered by the Hoas property insurance. This insurance is provided by the insurance company IF.

As Hoas offered home insurance doesn’t cover all the possible occations, only the very basics, it might be worth getting an insurance for your belongings if you have a lot of valuables.  

Laundry room

Almost all of the Hoas properties have well equipped laundry rooms, where doing your washing is free and easy. You can reserve a laundry time slot via the electronic reservation system. The use of tumble dryers, drying cabinets, spin dryers and drying rooms is also free. 


Most Hoas properties have a sauna, and tenants can reserve a time slot at no cost via the electronic reservation system. One is entitled to either three or five free sauna reservations per month depending on the property. 

Common tenant facilities and tenant activity

A club room that is available for evenings with friends, cooking courses for getting to know your neighbours’ culinary culture, shared gym equipment, excursions, parties, voluntary work days, yoga at the club room, urban agriculture in the yard – an active tenant committee can bring about all these and much more.

Storage spaces 

In almost all properties


In most properties, tenants can also rent a car parking space for a separate fee.

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