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Instructions and forms

There are ready-made, editable templates for forms and invitations, as well as a tenant committee charge sheet and a table for managing allowances. The forms are in both Finnish and English.

Please fill the forms either on a computer or by clear handwriting. Signatures should always be hand-written either by hand or digitally. It is recommended to photocopy the completed forms or fill in two copies, so that the extra copy can be archived for example at the property club room. All tenants can then find out about the committee’s activities by browsing the minutes from previous meetings at the club room.

Every January, the tenant committees can file a report of activities and an action plan. An inventory of keys and an inventory of items must be provided to Hoas. The inventories must be delivered to Hoas by the end of January in order to receive the allowance for the current year.

How to contact

In case you are interested in or have questions about tenant activities at your property, such as upcoming events and club room reservations, please contact your building’s own tenant committee. In the case of general matters to do with tenant activity you can contact Hoas Tenant Activity at asukastoiminta(at) as well as in the case there is no active tenant committee in your property. Iina, Iiris and Sanna work as tenant activity coordinators at Hoas. Every tenant committee has their own coordinator for tenant activities. From the file below you can look up who is the tenant activity coordinator for your property.

Tenant activity guide

Meeting minute forms, event forms etc.

When tenant committee loans keys


Tenant committee charges

Tenant committee allowances

Tenant meeting documents, when committees are elected

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