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Frontpage Hoas Why move to Hoas?

Why move to Hoas?

A student apartment is like any home – except better because it and our other services have been designed to fit the needs of a student.

The best student benefit

Inexpensive price, extensive services for the tenant and a great community – don’t leave your student benefits unused. Living at Hoas is part of the student’s way of life!

By students for students

Hoas is founded by students, for students. Student organisations name representatives to Hoas’ board and form a delegation so that student living develops in terms of the expertise and needs of the student world.

Inexpensive rent

Hoas is a non-profit foundation, which means that we can keep our rents low. Our rents are approximately 35 percent lower than the market.

Much more than just accommodation

The rent includes many necessary services free of charge such as internet connection, sauna, laundry and extensive waste recycling. In addition to this, we support active tenant activity that you can take part in and improve freely with your neighbours.

We care about our tenants and are there for you in different turning points of your life

We offer help and support much more than other landlords. We help you in the first steps of your tenancy, how to take care of your home, paying rent, changing apartments, tenant activity and many other things.

We are a trustworthy and established lessor

We have offered homes for students and memorable experiences as a part of this important time in one’s life for over 50 years.

We are pioneers in our field

We constantly aim to improve and by living at Hoas you are part of the progress we are making. For example we want to be a part of the development of wood construction.

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