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Frontpage Hoas Responsibility

Corporate environmental, social and financial responsibility

Hoas abides by the essential regulations, guidelines and principles that promote sustainable development. We expect our partners to also support sustainability.

The principles of environmental responsibility

Our aim is that the homes for students at Hoas are sustainable, comfortable and that they meet the needs of the tenants throughout the whole life circle of the apartments.  Hoas housing is usually built near schools or close to good public transport connections.

Hoas monitors consumption on a regular basis by keeping track of the use of heating, water and electricity at the properties. Hoas also advices tenants on wise and energy efficient ways of living, for example through advisory services and a yearly energy-saving campaign week. In addition, we conduct tenant surveys to measure ecological values.

Responsibility in construction and repair

We ensure the longevity of the projects’ life cycle and minimize the need for maintenance and repairs by making repairs in a timely manner and using the structures to the end of their life cycle. We also invest in long-lasting solutions at once.

We use modern, energy-efficient technology and highly insulating structures in construction and repair.

In accordance with our sustainability objectives, we make amenity repairs by non-dismantling means.

Our construction is based on demand. Most of the new Hoas homes are small studio apartments.

We are increasing timber construction

Responsibility in living

Electronic locking system with access right management reduces tenants’ and partners’ unnecessary travel for keys and increases security when the keys can be quickly removed from the system if needed.

All the Hoas properties have comprehensive waste sorting possibilities. From 2020 also plastic packaging waste recycling has been provided in every property.

The principles of social responsibility

Hoas rents out, maintains and builds affordable housing for students. Hoas operations are open, transparent and equal. We work towards equality and want to prevent discrimination. Hoas follows the principles of Non-discrimination Act.

A part of our social responsibility is supporting communal living with our tenant activities and communication.

As an employer we offer a nice and easy-going work community, appropriate work equipment, comprehensive occupational healthcare and secure employments. We create opportunities to evolve, grow your skillset and take part in developing Hoas.

The principles of financial responsibility

The basis of our financial responsibility is to rent, maintain and build affordable housing to students. Our operations are economically viable, efficient and profitable. The level of our services is competitive with business activities of the same price-quality ratio.

Hoas uses PTS, which is a long-term maintenance plan. PTS gives us a comprehensive view of the condition of a property, any future renovation needs, when they will be necessary and the associated cost. Hoas has well established procedures for annual planning and reporting.

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