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Experiences in shared living at Hoas

We asked our tenants how they have liked living in a shared apartment. Help in every day situations, savings gained from inexpensive living and new, maybe even surprising friendships stood out from the replies.

Sharing the every day life and new friendships

“Fun and pleasant encounters with people who I would not have otherwise met. Interesting and deep conversations in the middle of the night. New friendships and touching words. Hilarious stories to be told to friends later.”

“Been able to have small talk with people who aren’t necessarily your friends I find is one of the best perks of shared living. I don’t think you necessarily need to live with your best friends in order to enjoy your roomies, honestly just having an easy talk with an acquaintance contributes to that social aspect sometimes missing when living away from home :)”

“Some of my first apartments while studying in Otaniemi I shared with one room mate and compared to previously living with my parents, that was a big step towards independence and widening social circles. After A few years I ended up living in big shared flat of about 10 people where I got to knew some other residents while others spent most of their time behind locked doors. I’ve learned to appreciate the flexibility of being able to be on my own in my room when it feels like it and easily have some social interaction with flat mates when I feel like it. Community style living has become a default living option for me during my studies and I wish to continue that after my soon-to-happen graduation!”

Less cleaning

No need to clean so often when everyone takes turns in doing it.

“If you go travelling, there is someone to water your flowers. There’s always company and if something should happen, help is near. You get to know many kinds of people and can get rid of prejudices. You learn how to share a home with others and when you move in together with a partner, the ins and outs of living together do not come as a surprise. In the best case you make friends with your flatmates and you don’t need to leave home to spend time with lovely people! I have gaines many good friends during my time in a shared apartment :)”

Crying, screaming, laughter, sadness and joy

“The times spent with flatmates. There has been crying, screaming, laughter, sadness, joy, compassion and all that has given me a lifetime of memories and dear friends.”

Feeling safe

I don’t have to be alone

There’s always company and I don’t have to be alone, but if time alone is needed I can just shut my door and be by myself!

“I made a friend for life <3 It’s great to have company so easily when you need it. I enjoy having a home full of life: dark weeknights are brightened by flatmates, their significant others and a dog! Cooking and sauna and movie nights together! Instead of boring cleaning schedule we launched a cleaning competition: for example any time you hoover the common areas or clean the toilet, you get to add one point to your score. At our place only seeing your ranking motivates enough, but you could easily add in a prize for the person who has most points after 3 months.”

“It’s great to greet each other in the kitchen and catch up, you don’t feel alone when you know someone else is home too. You can also get to know each other on a deeper level. At the same time everyone has their own rooms where you can go if you want to be alone. And when you go for a trip, you can easily get someone to water your plants!”

Flatmates became my friends

I had prepared for the worst and was happily surprised. Living in a shared apartment was supposed to be temporary, but now I’m in no hurry to leave.

“It’s cosy to know other people to be there as well even if you don’t see them. My friend who moved into a studio at the same time and with whom I’ve shared experiences of moving out on our own has told how often they feel lonely after moving away from home to another city. I have not felt lonely once while I’ve lived in a shared apartment. One of my flatmates who is studying the same thing as me, only one year above me, has given me advice on how to never miss a student even and what to expect from my studies. Also it’s great to share food with flatmates!”

“Flatmates have become my friends. I don’t feel lonely when I can chat with my flatmates. Cooking together and drinking wine. <3 I had prepared for the worst and was happily surprised. Living in a shared apartment was supposed to be temporary, but now I’m in no hurry to leave. Inexpensive rent and great flatmates, what’s better than that.”

“Our shared apartment is incredibly cozy. Over time inhabitants have brought in and left behind things such as shelves, cooking utensils and carpets. We keep whatever we find useful and cute. I crocheted us custom potholders. Our apartment feels like a real, lived-in home.”

Save money

“Me and my friend from high school moved together into a shared apartment when our studies began. Now, after a year living together I can say that this was a perfect choice! The apartment is located about 15 minutes from the university and after paying rent there is money for other things too, even if I don’t work at all. It’s been great to spend dark autumn evenings trying to solve crossword puzzles on the sofa of our apartment.”

“I think it’s nice to live in a shared apartment: cheap price, flatmates there for company and if something happens, there’s someone to help. Sure, some of the flatmates have been trouble but most have been nice people and many have been great :)”

Not forgetting fun

We sometimes had brunches and pancake parties, my other flatmate did my hair for annual galas and sometimes we sat on the floor, each in front of their own door, talking and laughing.

“We planned and made a little summer garden on our balcony: it always makes me smile when I see the flowers from the window. Also everyone saved up some money for it and there’s always someone to water them if you’re away from home.”

“Due to its low cost living in a shared apartment gives the opportunity to save more money. I save 300 €/month on a savings account for my own apartment. In practice this would be the price I would pay on top of my current rent if I lived in a studio that is from the private market.”

“Having flatmates home calms me. It doesn’t feel so lonely compared to living alone. You can cook together with your flatmates and save money.”

Learning languages

“Couldn’t imagine a better option for an exchange! Lots of memories, games and traditional dishes from our home countries! If you’re spending your exchange in Helsinki, there is no better option for you than staying so close to your friends! I managed to learn Spanish just by listening to my two Spanish flatmates and practised my German because of my neighbours.”

“I live with two other guys in shared apartment they are from Germany and Pakistan. We are living like a family. I never thought that I will get this kind of company in a shared apartment. I am so happy to live here.”

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