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How to update your housing application

Keep your housing application active and up to date by updating it at least every three months in the Applicant online service.

What can you do in Applicant online service?

You can:

  • Change your applications information, such as maximum rent
  • Add and remove apartment types and areas
  • Keep your application active
  • Remove your housing application

What can’t you do in Applicant online service?

You can’t

  • Add a new applicant to your application
  • Remove other applicants from your application
  • If you want to make changes to your co-applicants, delete the old application and fill in a new one
  • Please note, that you can’t make changes to your co-applicants at the time we offer you an apartment. You can’t either accept the offer alone for an apartment you have applied for with another applicant.

How do I update my housing application?

Log in to Applicant online service and edit the application.

If you are using our online services for the first time, you have to register as a user.

Why do I need to update my housing application?

If you don’t update your application in time, it will expire and get automatically removed from our register. Also keep in mind that while we make apartment offers according to our priority criteria, we also aim to offer an apartment for those who have waited the longest. This is why you shouldn’t let your application expire to make a new one after the matter.

If you are actively looking for an apartment, we recommend you update your application even more often, for example once a month, so we remain aware of your need for housing.

Additionally, you should update your personal and contact information if there are any changes. For example, correct and often used email address is crucial so you get our messages when we can make you an offer for an apartment.

Can’t I just fill in a new application?

Filling a new application won’t update your already existing application. Instead, it replaces the old application entirely. Applicant can have only one active application at a time.

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