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Credit information check

The credit data classification of any applicant and the guardian of an underaged applicant is always checked automatically from the systems of Suomen Asiakastieto. When you apply for a Hoas apartment, you also give Hoas permission to check your credit history and that of your guardian, if you have one.

A record of a payment default entry does not prevent you from applying. If the applicant or the guardian of an underaged applicant has outstanding debts to Hoas they cannot submit a housing application.

What are the consequences of a history of payment defaults?

If any one applicant or the guardian of an underaged applicant is found to have either more than eight payment default entries or defaults totalling over 1000 euros, rent defaults, or records of bankruptcy, debt restructuring, impecuniosity or corporate restructuring stricter conditions will be applied to any potential apartment offer or agreement for that applicant.

The deposit will be the normal amount depending on the type of apartment, but the applicant must pay an amount equivalent to three months’ rent in advance. Additionally, the tenancy agreement will initially be set to a fixed term of four months.

Records in the credit history of just one applicant will also affect the other applicants’ agreement in the case of joint responsibility agreements (apartments for friends and family).

If the applicant needs help to pay the rent or to pay the deposit in advance, he or she should contact the local social security office, if necessary. We cannot accept a promissory note from social services as a deposit. You must always provide a receipt for the deposit paid from social services.

If there are no problems with rent payments and no other issues arise, the agreement may be extended to another four-month fixed term. Once the tenant has had two fixed-term agreements with no payment issues, the next agreement may be signed as valid until further notice.

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