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Water and drainage

Pay attention to what you put in drainage. Unsuitable waste causes problems, such as water flooding into your or your neighbors’ apartment, serious water damage and rat problems. Get to know these instructions on what you can put in the sewer (HSY).

You should not put trashes or fat in the drains. Soak up small amounts of cooking fat in paper towel and throw it in the biodegradable waste bin. Larger amounts can be poured into an empty container, like milk carton, and thrown in the mixed waste bin. Any food scraps left in the sink should be mopped up with kitchen paper and put in the biodegradable waste bin.

It is your responsibility as a tenant to maintain the condition of your apartment. By checking regularly that all the drains in your apartment drain properly and by cleaning them with our instructions below, you should not have any unpleasant surprises later. If despite your efforts problems arise, submit a fault report.


  • Do not open the kitchen drain trap by yourself
  • Try to open a clogged kitchen drain using chemicals sold for this purpose (e.g., Kodin putkimies or Mr Muscle)
  • If the chemicals don’t work, fill in a fault report

Bathroom and toilet

Tenants are responsible for cleaning the drain trap and floor drain in the bathroom. Clean drain trap and floor drain regularly. A drain trap that needs cleaning will start to smell and water will not drain properly. A floor drain left uncleaned for long will start to smell bad and get blocked which results in water staying on the floor after a shower.

Here’s how to clean your drain trap:

  • Place a bucket under the drain trap, as dirty water may leak out when you open the drain trap.
  • Unscrew the cap on the drain trap and make sure you put the seal aside for later. Usually, the drain trap opens by rotating the cap.
  • Put the seal back in place and twist the cap back on.
  • Remove dirt from the pipes with your fingers or using a drain snake.
  • Run some water into the drain and check that the sink does not leak.
  • If the old drain trap or the seal breaks when you try to clean it, submit a fault report and describe what happened.

Cleaning the floor drain:

  • Always use rubber gloves when you clean the floor drains.
  • Remove the floor drain cover. You can use screwdriver to help.
  • Remove any hair and foreign items from the floor drain.
  • Wash the walls of the drain with and old dishwashing brush and detergent. Remove any loose dirt coming off the walls.
  • Clean the drain cover and put back.
  • If after cleaning the smell of drain lingers, you can neutralize the smell with vinegar. Pour few liters of clean water into the drain and wait a moment. Then pour a few deciliters of vinegar into the drain and let it sit for a while or even overnight.
  • If cleaning doesn’t help and the blockage remains, submit a fault report. Tell us in the fault report what actions you have taken to solve the problem.

Washing machines

Usually, Hoas’ apartments do not come with washing machines. However, some of the newer apartments come with dishwasher installed. If your apartment has a dishwasher, check from the tenancy agreement if the dishwasher is from Hoas or previous tenant.

Dishwasher or washing machine might be left in the apartment from previous tenant. If you choose to keep the washing machine, keep in mind that the washing machine left from previous tenant will now be your responsibility. If you do not want to have responsibility of the washing machine and its maintenance, fill in a fault report. We will come and remove the machine from your apartment. If you want to keep using the washing machine, make sure that it is properly attached, and that your home insurance is valid. Hoas does not take care of the washing machine in case of malfunctions.

If the appropriate connections are present in the apartment, you may choose to install a laundry or dish washer. Hoas will not add the connections if the apartment does not have them.

When you move out of the apartment, you must take the washing machine with you and make sure the water inlet and outlet are properly plugged.

Installing a dishwasher:

  • Get a home insurance policy or make sure it is still valid
  • Make sure your apartment has the needed connections to install a dishwasher
  • Remove the fixed furniture from the place where dishwasher will be installed (door, shelving)
  • Check that the floor continues under the dishwasher just like in the rest of the apartment. If a piece of flooring is missing, fill in a fault report so we can arrange to install that missing piece to your floor.
  • Always have a professional to come and install the dishwasher and keep the receipts
  • Remember to keep the water inlet and outlet plugs
  • Always place a water collection basin underneath the dishwasher
  • Never leave dishwasher running if you are not home
  • Always close the dishwasher tap after use
  • When you move out, re-install the water inlet and outlet plugs

Installing a washing machine:

  • Get home insurance policy or make sure it is still valid
  • Check that your apartment has the needed connections to install a washing machine
  • Place the washing machine in the place reserved for it
  • Remember to keep the water inlet and outlet plugs
  • Never leave a washing machine running if you are not home
  • Always close the washing machine tap after use
  • When you move out, re-install the water inlet and outlet plugs

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