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Picking up keys

There are three options for how to receive the keys to your new apartment. You can pick up the key by yourself from Hoas customer service, authorise someone to pick up the key from Hoas, or receive the keys directly from the previous tenant. The key can be picked up from Hoas customer service at Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 29. Customer service is closed on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but for issues related to keys, we serve by appointment. You can make an appointment by calling our customer service.

The key can be picked up on the first business day of the rental period or later from Hoas

You will get the keys for your apartment on the first business day that your tenancy agreement begins in. If the tenancy period begins during the weekend or on a public holiday, you receive control of the apartment on the following business day after that. You can also collect the keys at a later date.

If the previous tenant has already moved out and returned the keys, you can pick them up one business day before your agreement starts. If you want to be notified in case the keys are available earlier, you should contact Hoas housing services. You need to provide a Finnish phone number or email address so that we can then send you a text message or email as soon as the previous tenant returns the keys. Hoas cannot know if and when the keys will be returned in advance, nor will Hoas ask the tenants moving out when they will return the keys.

If your new home has an electronic key, it may be possible to pick up the key in advance. You will be notified by email if this concerns you.

Please remember to bring an official, valid identification document that has a picture of you (i.e. valid passport, personal identity card or driver’s licence). Please note that a student card or a Kela card is not an official identification document.

If you are moving to a new property that is just being completed, you will receive a separate e-mail notification about the key pick-up and move-in time about two weeks before the start of the tenancy agreement.

You can authorise another person to pick up the keys on your behalf

The authorisation must always be in writing. The easiest way is to use Hoas authorisation template.

The authorisation letter must state the full name, birth date and personal identity code of both the authorised person and the authoriser. It also needs to include the matter of authorisation (i.e. picking up keys). The authorisation letter must be signed and dated by hand by the authoriser. You can send the signed version to us by e-mail to or the authorized person can bring it to Hoas when picking up the keys.

Anyone collecting keys with an authorisation letter must always prove their identity by producing an official picture identification document (for example a passport or an id card). Please note that a student card or a Kela card is not an official identification document.

A minor cannot authorise anyone nor can you authorise a minor to pick up the keys on your behalf. The legal guardian of a person under 18 can make the authorisation on behalf of the minor.

Hoas authorisation template (PDF):

You may receive the key directly from the current tenant of the apartment

The tenant moving out of the apartment and the new tenant moving in can agree between themselves to hand the keys over before the rent responsibility changeover. This way, the tenants can make the organisation of the move easier. You will find the previous tenant’s contact information from your housing offer if the previous tenant has given permission to Hoas to forward the information to the new tenant.

Do not sign the agreement before you have seen the apartment. This is because by signing the agreement you accept the cleaning level of the apartment (in shared apartments this concerns only the room).

Parking space keys and parking permits cannot be given to the new tenant. They must always be returned to the Hoas service centre. If you have rented a parking space from another party and not from Hoas, you must return the keys and permits to the party who originally gave you the key/permit.

Keep a copy of the agreement in case you lock yourself out of your room/apartment before the official starting date of your tenancy agreement. You are then able to order door opening service from Securitas by presenting your tenancy agreement and handing over the keys agreement to the guard.

Agreement on handing over the keys (PDF):

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