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When you move out

Termination of tenancy agreement

The notice period is always one calendar month. If you want to move out for example in the end of July, give the notice of termination by the end of June. Termination of tenancy

Apartment inspections

The preliminary inspection will be carried out during the last month of your tenancy. The inspector will check the apartment for anything that needs maintenance or repairing and they will also assess the cleanliness of the apartment. Apartment inspections

Final cleaning

The tenant must always carry out a final cleaning before handing the keys back. The final cleaning is thorough so make sure you have enough time to complete it. Final cleaning

Emptying your apartment

Do not leave furniture or any other items in the apartment that do not belong there. If you want to give or sell belongings to the next tenant and they are willing to accept the belongings, please inform Hoas by email.

Connection boxes are a fixed part of the apartment and you must never take the box or any part of it with you when you move out. If any parts are missing from the connection box, please make sure that it’s all there and the box works when you move out.

Water inlet and outlet plugs

If you had a washing machine in the apartment, plugging the water inlets and outlets is your responsibility.

Returning the keys to the office

Return the keys to Hoas office or give the keys to the new tenant with handing over the keys agreement. Returning the keys

Deposit return

The deposit payment is returned to the bank account the tenant has informed Hoas. Deposit return

Notify the authorities of your change of address

Digital and Population Data Services Agency must always be notified when you move. Also remember to let the bank, your phone operator, the library, the newspapers, and your friends and relatives know your new address. Make change of address here.

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