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Frontpage Tenants General Terms of the Tenancy Agreement and rules and regulations

Rules and regulations, and general terms of the tenancy agreement

As a Hoas-tenant you agree to comply with the general terms and rules.

Rules and regulations

Living goes smoothly when everyone agrees to the same rules.

Mind your neighbors

Welcome all types of people and different lifestyles – we don’t tolerate discrimination!

Offer your neighbors a chance to rest in peaceful environment. Time your loud actions so that they produce as little disruption to your neighbors as possible.

Respect sleeping house during nighttime. Night peace is during workweek from 10 pm to 6 am and on weekends and holidays 11 pm to 8 am.

Trashes and sorting waste

Sort your waste and take your trashes out when you notice your trash bins being full. Any trashes laying around are a delicacy to all sorts of pests.

All that is useless to you doesn’t belong in the garbage rooms – such as couch or broken radio. Check the correct way to sort this type of waste from HSY’s website.

Beware that no household- or hazardous waste gets into the sewer.

Common areas

If you notice something that needs to be fixed, let us know about it by filling a fault report.

Cars enjoy their own space in guest park or parking lots – park your car there.

Laundry machines in the laundry rooms will break if rugs are washed in them. Please wash your rugs elsewhere.

…and outdoors too

Treat the lawn and flowers in the yard nicely.

Take care of your own balcony, patio, or yard, and shovel snow during winter.

Dust your rugs only in areas dedicated to it.

Fire safety

Any items left on the corridors are a fire hazard. Keep your belongings in your apartment or take advantage of bike-, stroller-, and locker storages.

You may keep your electronic bike or scooter in the bike storage but charging them indoor causes a fire hazard.

Don’t use grill or make an open fire on the balcony.

A bit about smoking

Make sure that your smoke or smells don’t carry inside and into your neighbor’s apartment.

Don’t smoke at least inside apartment, on the balcony, or anywhere near the property.

Take care of your home

Clean your home regularly – and remember to clean out the floor drain and drain trap occasionally.

Fill in a fault report as needed.

Decorate your home according to your taste, but don’t make changes to the apartment’s structures or fixed furniture. Remember to ask permission to paint your walls.

If your home has the needed connections, you can install your own dishwasher or laundry machine. Remember to have a valid home insurance!


Pets are allowed – except in shared apartments, furnished apartments or apartments with a common kitchen.

Make sure that your pet is on the leash when you are moving outside of your own apartment.

Childrens playground is not meant for pets.

Sometimes pets make a mess – it’s your job to make sure your pet doesn’t make messes in the property area.

Get to know our rules and regulations

By signing the tenancy agreement, you agree to follow its terms and conditions, which define the rights and obligations of both the tenant and the lessor.

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