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Fault report

Submit fault reports concerning your apartment, the property and the outdoor areas via MyHoas. When you use the service for the first time, we will ask you to register.

If there is a problem that requires immediate attention, such as plumbing leaks or a broken window, contact Hoas maintenance services immediately by phone. In case Hoas office is closed, call the 24-hour maintenance number 020 491 2720 (Securitas). If you live in Selkämerenkatu 6, Santakuja 3 or Itämerenkatu 12, check the phone number from the notice board of the building.

The 24 hour service does not forward requests that are not considered urgent.

If there is trouble with internet or cable TV connections and disturbances with warm water or electricity, please contact your service provider.

Before submitting a fault report, please check from the tenant responsibility chart that fixing your current problem is not considered the tenant’s responsibility.  If the fault was caused by the tenant or if it is a task that the tenant is expected to take care of, you may be charged for the maintenance cost according to the tenant charge sheet

We cannot give any exact schedule for how long it takes to get something fixed. All tasks are completed as quickly as possible, however some work must be prioritised.

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