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We do regular apartment inspections to take care of our properties condition. Apartment inspections help us evaluate apartments repair and remodeling needs and keep track of their cleanliness level. We do apartment inspections always when a tenant moves out. Occasionally we arrange inspections in other situations as well, but we will always inform tenants about them beforehand.

When you have terminated your tenancy agreement, we will make a preliminary inspection to your apartment during the last month of your tenancy. After preliminary inspections you get cleaning and repair requests so you can take needed measures to leave the apartment in acceptable condition when you move out.

After the preliminary inspection you have until the end of your tenancy to fix the faults found in your apartment. Additionally, you must do a final cleaning. Check our moving-out instructions to see what we expect from you before you return your keys. When your tenancy has ended, we will do a moving inspection. During this inspection, we check the apartments general condition and cleanliness. If we still find faults, we order the possible cleaning and repair work to be done, and costs from these will be invoiced from you according to our official tenant charge sheet.

You can find this month’s inspection schedule from the document below:

Preliminary inspection

We do a preliminary inspection when you are moving out of your Hoas home. Preliminary inspection is our free additional service. We do it to aid you in leaving the apartment in acceptable condition. We aim to pinpoint the targets in your apartment that need measures from you before you move out. When you take care of the cleaning and repair requests before you move out, we won’t have to invoice them from you afterwards.

Preliminary inspections are done during the last month of your tenancy. After preliminary inspection we order the needed repair and remodeling works to your apartment. Some of the ordered work is caused by normal wear, which will not be invoiced from the tenant. We will also order repair works for the faults that the tenant has caused but can’t fix themselves, such as changing the sink.

Remember to take good care of your apartment even after the preliminary inspection. If the apartment is damaged between preliminary inspection and your moving day, they are still on your responsibility. Take care of your apartments condition and cleanliness after the preliminary inspection and fill in a fault report if needed.

Using the master key

When you fill in the termination of your tenancy agreement form, we ask you to give your permission to use the master key to access your apartment. If inspector can’t come to your apartment with master key, you’ll get a call before the inspection. If you can’t be reached or the schedule doesn’t work for you, the preliminary inspection will not be done. Instead, the inspector will leave written instructions to your letterbox listing the issues to be considered and your apartment is inspected after your tenancy agreement has ended.

Outstanding preliminary inspection

With preliminary inspections we aim to direct you on what you should do before you move out. If we can’t make preliminary inspection, you must make sure the apartment is in acceptable condition by yourself. Outstanding preliminary inspection is not a plausible reason for any possible faults we find in your apartment after your tenancy has ended. When you terminate your tenancy, you will receive instructions. By following these instructions precariously, you can get your apartment to requisite condition before you move out.

Cleaning and repair requests

If we found faults in your apartments condition during preliminary inspection, you will get cleaning and repairing requests. Repairing requests are for example to fix the walls back to their original condition after you have hanged something on it. You must do as the requests says, like cement and sand the holes, before you move out.

Preliminary inspector might give you cleaning requests as well. On top of the final cleaning, you must clean the targets on the request with extra precision. Your apartments cleaning level will be inspected after you move out, and if we must order a cleaning it will be invoiced from you.

Cleaning and repairing requests must be taken care of by the date written in the request or before you move out. When your tenancy agreement ends, you can’t return to the apartment to fix these faults. After you move out, we do a moving inspection and invoice from you the measures you have failed to take.

If you have any questions about the cleaning and repairing requests you get from preliminary inspection, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Moving inspection

We do a moving inspection during the first few days after your tenancy has ended and you have moved out of your Hoas home. Occasionally, the moving inspection can’t be done immediately after you move out. This is the case if there are lot of Hoas tenants moving at the same time. You can check the schedule for this month’s inspections from the document at the top of this page.

If during moving inspection we find faults in the apartments condition, we order repair and cleaning work. Fixing these repairs is invoiced from the tenant according to our official tenant charge sheet.

For new tenants’ information

We might make a moving inspection when you are already settled into your new apartment. We aim to have the moving inspection done during the first days after your moving day. Inspector will come to your apartment using master key. If you don’t allow us to use the master key, contact us as soon as possible. The faults found on the moving inspection are invoiced from the previous tenant.

Apartment inspection in joint tenancy agreements when one party moves out

If one party on a joint tenancy agreement moves out, for example in case of a separation, the apartment inspection will differ from a regular inspection.

When the other party is staying in the apartment, the apartment inspector will only inspect the apartments condition. These include things like wall shelfs, of which the apartment inspector will make a request to remove the shelf and bring the wall back to its original state.

Inspector will not comment on the cleanliness of the apartment or things like ceiling socket, unless there is visible gross neglect.

With this inspection we want to offer the tenants an opportunity to agree with each other on the repair works.  When one of the parties of joint tenancy agreement moves out of their apartment, any existing faults become the staying tenant’s responsibility. Onward, the staying party must repair the faults in the apartment before they move out or they will be charged for the costs of the repairs according to out official tenant charge sheet.

Moving inspection and Handing over the key agreement

If the new and previous tenant decide to make a handing over the key agreement, moving out inspection might be made.

With handing over the key agreement, the new tenant accepts the apartments level of cleanliness but not the apartments condition in other ways. If during the preliminary inspection we have noticed faults in the apartments condition, our inspector will come to see if these faults have been repaired. If these have not been repaired, the inspector orders in the repair works and they will be invoiced form the previous tenant.

In shared apartments: By signing a handing over the key agreement the new tenant accepts the condition of their room – not the condition of the shared spaces.

Please not that you must deliver the handing over the keys agreement to us on time. If we receive it late and cleaning has already been ordered, the costs will be charged according to the tenant charge sheet from the tenant who moved out.

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