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Merihaka, which might seem like a gloomy concrete jungle by first glance, hides a village-like atmosphere in a great location. You can find a grocery store and pharmacy in Merihaka, but thanks to the nearby Hakaniemi and Kallio, there is no shortage of services. Numerous bus and tram lines as well as the metro are available, and you can quickly walk to the city centre or enjoy the outdoors in Töölönlahti or Mustikkamaa.

Housing application

Area information

Distance to the city centre

  • Helsinki 2 km

Public transportation

  • Bus
  • Metro
  • Tram


  • Tervasaari island


  • Hakaniemi market square
  • Kulttuurisauna public sauna
  • Padel
  • Theatre academy
  • Academy of fine arts

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