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Marine Laajasalo is its own idyll close to nature, where you can find all necessary day-to-day services and good connections to the rest of Helsinki. Herttoniemi metro station’s diverse service centre is approximately a 10-minute bus ride away from the island of Laajasalo surrounded by the sea. Laajasalo has grocery stores, a library and a health centre, but also villas over a hundred years old, green park areas, ball games hall and sports park, the developing Kruunuvuorenranta district and also, in 2026, a tram line to Hakaniemi.

Housing application

Area information

Distance to the city centre

  • Helsinki 10 km

Public transportation

  • Bus


  • Tullisaari park
  • Killingholma island
  • Sea and shoreline


  • Villa Aino Ackté
  • HTPS sailing club
  • Golf

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