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Family apartments

Family apartments can be offered to couples, families with children, friends and siblings. Hoas offers a variety of family apartments for different situations: apartment types vary from studios to four-room apartments. In family apartments, only one of the tenants needs to be a student.

Family apartments are rented on joint tenancy agreements, meaning that the tenants share the responsibility for paying the rent and keeping the apartment in good shape.

Hoas has several family-friendly locations around the capital area in which the needs of the children have been taken into account in playground planning.

Family apartments have 1 to 4 rooms, kitchenette/kitchen and a bathroom. The apartment is rented unfurnished but there are wardrobes in the bedrooms and there will usually be a cleaning closet in the hallway. There are refrigerator, freezer and stove in kitchen. Hoas has very few four-room apartments. Four room apartments are located in the following areas: Koivukylä, Espoon keskus-Suvela, Malmi-Pukinmäki and Kontula-Kurkimäki.

To whom: One or both applicants are students, Couples with underaged children when one or both parents are students, Alone with underaged children
Location: Most Hoas properties
Apartment rent (approx.):

  • Studio apartment 600 – 924 euros
  • Two-room apartment 600 – 1 230 euros
  • Three-room apartment 700 – 1 251 euros
  • Four-room apartment 800 – 1 129 euros

Apartment size (approx.):

  • Studio apartments 30 – 60 m2
  • Two-room apartments 33 – 87 m2
  • Three-room apartments 58 – 84 m2
  • Four-room apartments 85 – 96 m2

Pets: You can have a pet in a family apartment

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