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Frontpage News Rents increase 2,9 % in 2023

Rents increase 2,9 % in 2023

Despite of the strong increase in costs, an average increase of rent will be under 3 percent.

We are adjusting rental fees from the beginning of year 2023. The rents will increase on the average by 2,9 %, but the apartment-specific increase may be lower or higher than this. We have sent detailed information about the new rent by email and post to all tenants.

The main reason behind the rent increase is a strong increase in costs, e.g., the costs of property maintenance have increased by 10.1 % in a year, of which electricity is the largest by 31.3 %.

Hoas is a non-profit foundation and the rents are set on the basis of being able to rent out apartments, maintain and renovate properties and build new student homes.

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