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Frontpage News The first Housing Forum and responsibility work at Hoas

The first Housing Forum and responsibility work at Hoas

Hoas’s first Housing Forum (Asumisen foorumi) was held on May 18th. The Housing Forum is a place for discussion about housing and student life, as well as a direct channel for representatives of student unions to discuss with Hoas.

Panel discussion on the impact of the pandemia period on students

The day began with a discussion on the impact of the corona pandemic on students and student housing. Panelists were Maria Ohisalo, who has just started as Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, Suvi Parikka, researcher in charge of THL’s KOTT21 study, and Jani Sillanpää, M.Sc in Technology and an expert on student housing.

In the panel discussion, it was stated e.g. that while the corona pandemic has eased, there are many other uncertainties affecting students ’ability to cope. Housing was seen as one of the central ways to influence student well-being, and bold experiments of new housing solutions were called for.

Responsibility workshop with student unions

After the panel discussion, a responsibility workshop was held together with the representatives of the student unions and Hoas’ management. Responsibility was chosen as the theme of the workshop because larger work to develop different aspects of responsibility is just starting at Hoas and the ideas and remarks of the workshop will be utilized in it.

The workshop dealt with responsibility especially in terms of construction and renovation, social responsibility and housing services. Among other things, construction material choices, flexibility of spaces, sustainability indicators, support for housing skills, conditions for a safe living environment, recycling opportunities and the potential for sharing vehicles and goods were talked about.

The current situation and progress of Hoas’ responsibility work

We have updated our responsibility report in the spring of 2022. In addition, we are currently developing a sustainable mobility solution palette together with Ramboll Oy, which will have a positive impact on tenants’ environmental responsibility and mobility opportunities, as well as properties’ space solutions. The development of a comprehensive responsibility strategy that unites all aspects of responsibility work will begin in 2023.

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