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Frontpage News How to keep your apartment cool

How to keep your apartment cool

Warm summer is something that many of us love. However, it can heat up the temperature inside the apartment, too. To make living as comfortable as possible, check out our tips on how to maintain temperature comfortable inside the apartment.

Close curtains

Keep curtains or window blinds closed at daytime when the sun is shining. The less light gets through, the less the temperature rises. This is usually the easiest and the most effective way to control temperature inside the apartment!

Ventilate at night

Ventilating should be done late in the evening or during the night when the temperature outdoors is cooler than the temperature inside the apartment. If possible, open windows of two different rooms to make the air flow better.

Fan can be a help

A portable fan can make you feel more comfortable even though it does not cool the apartment temperature itself. To get extra help out of the fan, place it in front of an open window so that it blows cooler air from outside to the apartment. Another tip is to place an ice-pack or a bottle filled with cold water behind the fan which makes blast air cooler.

Avoid generating extra heat

Use only those electronic devices that you really need, to avoid causing any extra heat. Especially using oven and sauna should be avoided.

Cool yourself

If sleeping feels impossible in the heat, try taking an ice-pack to the bed with you. Wrap a thin towel around it to make it feel more comfortable. Another good idea is to take a cold shower just before going to bed. In addition, cooling your pyjamas or bedsheet in the freezer before going to bed might help.

Our buildings are constructed by the building regulations at the time. For this reason, they do not always have air conditioning or other cooling systems. Fresh air enters the apartment via fresh air vents, which must not be blocked. The ventilation in the property is automatic and cannot be adjusted per apartment.

However, if you feel there might be something wrong with the ventilation, please fill in the fault report form. Our maintenance service helps you with other questions about the temperature, too!

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