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Frontpage News Problems with electricity distribution

Problems with electricity distribution

The electricity cuts within the past days started after Hoas changed the electricity provider in the beginning of June. The new electricity contracts did not start as agreed at the new electricity provider Lumme Energia, due to their error.

We have received information from Lumme Energia that the electricity should be working now in all buildings.

If you still do not have electricity, please contact Helen (in Helsinki area) tel. 096178010 or Caruna (in Espoo area) tel. 0800 1 95011 and ask them to connect the electricity. If the electricity does not work after that, please contact Hoas maintenance services (09-5499 00 line 3/ maintenance

We are extremely sorry about the situation and the inconvenience it has caused. In the future we will make sure that this does not happen again.

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