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Frontpage News Information about civil defence shelters in property rescue plans

Information about civil defence shelters in property rescue plans

Every Hoas property has an individual rescue plan. The plan provides guidance on how to prepare for and cope with emergencies. The rescue plan also includes information on civil defence shelters.

Check out the rescue plan for your property in the basic information field of your property page. All Hoas properties can be found at the Apartments section.

Civil defence shelters

The location and type of the property’s shelter can be found in the property’s rescue plan under Civil Defence. Not all properties have their own civil defence shelter, but tenants are covered by general civil defence shelters. If the situation requires, the authorities will instruct those who don’t have shelter on their property.

More information about general shelters in the links at the end of this article.

Iodine tablets only when advised by the authorities

In the situation where iodine tablets are needed, we have reserved them for all tenant of Hoas. Iodine tablets are stored in a central location, from where they will be distributed by property maintenance to all properties if the need for their use arises. The tablets will also be delivered to those properties that don’t have their own civil defence shelter.

Remember that the iodine tablet should only be taken at the request of the authority and its effectiveness depends on the timing. Protection against radioactive radiation is primarily done by taking cover indoors.

Authorities report incidents on television and radio, for example. In addition, the 112 Suomi application of the Emergency Response Center Agency transmits danger messages.

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