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Frontpage News Have you taken advantage of high-speed Hoasnet, provided by DNA?

Have you taken advantage of high-speed Hoasnet, provided by DNA?

You have access to 200 Mbps free Hoasnet, which is certainly enough to run the internet when living alone.

200 Mbps free Hoasnet is suitable for video streaming services, such as Netflix and HBO, you need a fast internet connection. Video quality is constantly improving, and that means that the use of streaming services places higher requirements on the internet connection. Today, most computer games and video game console gaming take place online, and when studying at a distance and video conferences require a lot of bandwidth as well.

Do I need more speed?
400 Mbps connection

For such a family, that uses the internet more, a good rule of thumb would be that the speed should be 100 MB per person. For example, in a family of four, where every member of the family use streaming services a lot, plays video game console constantly, and everybody has a tablet of own, the internet connection should be 400 MB.

Or how about a full gigabyte anyway?
1000 Mbit/s connection

A 1000 MB internet connection is the king of internet connections, the best there is. It is suitable for a family that uses the internet a lot – for example, a couple, who both study mainly at home. They also vide or photography and send large files. In addition they play games on consoles and computers.

In practice, you can say that the more users there are and the more diverse and demanding the internet use is, the faster a connection you should choose.

Web in every corner of the home

In addition to the speed of the internet connection, you should consider what kind of a terminal you should acquire for your home. You can connect either directly, with a RJ-45 cable, or through a WiFi network, with a WiFi router between the connection and the device. If your home has more than three rooms, a WiFi mesh extender is a good choice, as it helps the web to cover every corner of the house. The terminal device should be placed as high up as possible, in a central location in the home.

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