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Myrttitie 2

Malmi-Pukinmäki, Helsinki
  • Condition of the property: good


Property includes the following services
  • Internet: DNA
  • Laundry
  • Sauna
  • Clubroom

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Two-room apartment
38 - 55.5 m²
29 pcs
560 - 778 €
Myrttitie 2, 1h+tpk
38 m²
8 pcs
560 €
Myrttitie 2, 2h+k
48.5 m²
11 pcs
678 €
Myrttitie 2, 2h+kt
48.5 m²
1 pcs
668 €
Myrttitie 2, 1h+oh+k
55.5 m²
9 pcs
778 €
Three-room apartment
76 - 76.5 m²
8 pcs
942 - 995 €
Myrttitie 2, 2h+oh+k
76 m²
1 pcs
942 €
Myrttitie 2, 3h+kt
76 m²
1 pcs
989 €
Myrttitie 2, 3h+kt
76.5 m²
6 pcs
995 €

Renovated student apartments in Pukinmäki

The small, light-coloured three-storey apartment blocks in Myrttitie 2 are close to the Pukinmäki train station. The community is small, as the property only consists of 37 apartments. There are many parks nearby, inviting you to go jogging. Basic services are available locally. You can reach the centre of Helsinki in less than half an hour.

During a facelift renovation completed in 2016, the property was improved with new kitchen cabinets and wardrobes. The floors were covered with vinyl tiles.

Apartments are two and three room apartments. Some apartments have their own balcony. There is a common club room for tenants.

Basic information

Internet service provider
Energy class
Basic renovation year
Construction year
Facelift renovation year
  • Evaluate the general atmosphere, rental level, location and condition of the property. Please write your review in either Finnish, Swedish or English. Do not include any information that may identify you, such as the apartment number. Because reviews are submitted anonymously, we review all reviews received before they are published.

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