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Confidential email

Send confidential email

Do not send sensitive personal data in an unsecure email. You can send secure email and attachments to us by clicking the link below:

Receiving confidential email

If the content of an email requires, we have a possibility to send the email as a confidential message. This way, there is no risk for the contents of the message to fall in to the wrong hands.

When you receive a confidential email from Hoas, please read the instructions in the message carefully. Once the confidential email is opened for the first time, you can only open it with the same device and browser. If you wish to reopen this message later with another device or browser, remember to log out using the “LOGOUT” button and define your own password that is required to reopen the message. 

Due to security reasons reading of the message is limited and can be read for 30 days at most.

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