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Frontpage Certificates and forms available from Hoas

You can obtain the following certificates or forms from Hoas’s housing services housingservices[at], if you need them:

  • Statement from the register of occupants (free of charge, only in Finnish)
  • Copy of your tenancy agreement (free of charge)

And from Hoas’s payment services payments[at] following certificate:

  • Certificate of rent payment records (10 euros)

Hoas sends reports of the tenants’ tenancy details to the Kela for student aid verification purposes. Hoas tenants do not need to provide the tenancy agreement details or a statement from the register of occupants to Kela.

Hoas does not fill in the forms for Kela or any other third party. It is also not possible for Hoas to issue a statement certifying that the tenant has been trustworthy (some foreign lessors may request this).

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