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Frontpage News Rents increase 3,3 % in 2024

Rents increase 3,3 % in 2024

Hoas is adjusting rental fees from the beginning of year 2024. The rents will increase on the average by 3,3 percent, but the apartment-specific increase may be lower or higher than this. The maximum single increase is 5 percent.

The main reason behind the rent increase is the continuing rise of costs. For example, the maintenance costs have increased by 8,4 % this year, with only electricity being 20,5 % of that increase.

Affordable housing for students

Hoas is a non-profit organisation that was founded by students. Our operation doesn’t seek profit, and apartments are rented at cost price. Rents are determined so that the income covers for running the rental process, property maintenance, and repair and new construction. This makes our rents approximately 30 percent lower than the market.

Instructions for the tenants

Payment information

The new rent invoice and payment information for year 2024 has been sent to all tenant by email and post. Your reference number will not change. You can always check your payment information from MyHoas. Please remember to update the new rent amount to your bank well before the first rent is due on 6th of January.


Kela receives the needed information regarding your rent directly from us. According to Kela’s instructions a rent increase less than 50 euros a month does not normally influence the amount of housing allowance if there are no other significant changes. For more information about the housing allowance, please contact Kela directly.

Parking fee

There will be no increase in the parking fee. You will find your current fees in the attached rent invoice or MyHoas.

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