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Frontpage News Emission-free energy already this year!

Emission-free energy already this year!

We have decided to make a simple, but significant, responsible solution, and change the energy of our 10,000 student homes to energy produced with renewable energy sources

Housing one fifth of the carbon footprint

About a fifth of Finns’ carbon footprint comes from housing. The carbon footprint of living consists of heating, water, electricity and waste.

Heating the apartment has the most significant climate impact, because heating and electrical energy in Finland is still mostly produced with fossil energy sources, i.e. production methods that generate emissions.

There is one easy solution to reducing emissions from housing – the use of emission-free energy.

In the future, property electricity and energy from emission-free sources

So far, we have already purchased all the electricity purchased for the properties and the district heating of the Hoas buildings located in Vantaa and Espoo without emissions. The share of emission-free energy has been 55%. By the end of this year, the share will be 100%.

Hoas apartment is a responsible solution for students

With the decision, the student can live in the Hoas apartment with calculated zero emissions. Switching to energy produced with renewable energy sources reduces the carbon footprint of our entire operation by 26 percent.

In some apartments, tenants make the electricity contracts themselves. In order to minimize the carbon footprint in these homes as well, we encourage to purchase electricity produced with renewable energy whenever the financial situation allows.

As trendsetters, seven years ahead of schedule

The decision to purchase emission-free energy is significant, because the general target year in the industry for emission-free energy consumption in buildings is 2030. So we are up to seven years ahead of schedule, and in this way we also want to set an example for other players in the industry.

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