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Frontpage News The strike affects emptying of the waste containers

The strike affects emptying of the waste containers

The transport sector’s strike started on Wednesday 15th of February and it delays the emptying of waste containers at properties for at least a week.

According to HSY (Helsinki Region Environmental Services), during the strike, around half of the waste containers for mixed waste, bio-waste, cardboard and plastic packaging will not be emptied in the capital region.

During the strike, act as follows:

  • If the waste container is full, store the waste at home or on your balcony until the container is emptied.
  • It is important that you do not leave trash on the floor of the waste room, as it delays emptying after the strike even more.

The strike will probably last until 21st of February.

HSY has information about containers that are not being emptied, so contacting HSY’s customer service during or immediately after the strike will not speed up emptying of the containers.

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