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Frontpage News Saunas will be closed for the winter

Saunas will be closed for the winter

Common saunas will be closed from 1st of January 2023 until 31st of March 2023 at all Hoas properties.

There are a lot of uncertainties considering electricity sufficiency for the upcoming winter. Heating the saunas is causing a massive spike on the energy usage at properties. By not heating the saunas we can help ensuring electricity sufficiency.

Currently, the sauna stoves of Hoas saunas are heated for a total of approx. 5,700 hours per week and they consume approx. 38,000 kWh/week.

We apologize for the harm the closing of the saunas causes.

We will schedule maintenance for all the saunas during the period they are closed. This includes thorough cleaning and maintaining fixtures.

Common saunas are in use and can be reserved until the end of this year. Christmas saunas that some tenant committees organise also warm up. You cannot apply for a refund for the closing of saunas.

Possible power outages

It is a possibility that during the highest peaks of electricity usage in the upcoming winter there won’t be enough electricity for everyone. Thus, there might be controlled power outages in Finland. We will inform you more about preparing for power outages later.

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