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Frontpage News Pssst! For a limited time only: Hoasnet 1000 M -54%

Pssst! For a limited time only: Hoasnet 1000 M -54%

As a resident of Hoas, you get a high-speed Hoasnet 1000 Mbit/s subscription at a student-friendly special price – only 15.90 €/month (normal price 34,90 €/month without the benefit of a Hoas resident).

1000 Mbit/s, i.e. a full giga, is the right choice when the broadband connection needs to perform smoothly in heavy use – especially if there are multiple users. For example, when you need to be able to download and send large files, such as raw images, videos, or music projects, quickly without sweat on your forehead. Or when you want to enjoy an advantage in online gaming and possibly live stream it for others to watch as well.

Use the benefit before 30.4.2022

To get this special offer for Hoas residents only, call DNA customer service 044 144 144 (Mon-Fri 8–18, calling and queuing costs the same as a normal domestic call).

Terms: Price 15.90 €/month. No binding period. Activating fee 6.90 €. Valid until 30.4.2022. Only for new DNA Netti subscriptions and subscription speed updates in the Hoas apartments specified by DNA.

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